New App in the market

September 19, 2009 at 1:05 pm (News)


This time a new SMS app in the market.
called SMS.. works great to read Arabic SMS.

It was written by mr Abdullah AlFadhel

Please try the program and rate well

I am discontinuing the work on first app Arabic Keybaord. I will only work on the soft keybaord and some other ideas I have on mind

Enjoy & Eid Mubarak



  1. dollyfreeenglish said,

    sms is the cheapest way of reaching someone all over the way. Even though telephone companies charge a minimum fee for sms, they make a hell lot of money by their users, millions of dollars per day.

  2. mhm said,

    one question, can I read and write in Arabic with this app?

    thanx for your hard work

    • x2android said,

      You can read “sms” messages using this app. You can write anywhere in Arabic using Arabic Soft Keyboard..

      To find all current Arabic apps, search for “Arabic” in the market


  3. iАбдуллах said,

    Hi Abdullah

    Thanks a lot for posting about SMS.

    In the coming dayss I’m going to add new features to SMS, So if any one have any ideas I’ll be happy to hear it.


    • x2android said,

      you are welcome
      just one thing

      i noticed that i takes some time to get back to the main menu in your app, ie after returning from reading an SMS..

      i believe that is from reshaping the letters again,, you only need to do that once. it would make the program much faster..

      thank you

  4. Ayman Issa said,

    Hello I’m trying to send texts using the new SMS app and the soft arabic keyboard, but when I send them over seas they dont get them. I tried sending one to my other phone that is in arabic and it gets to me fine. When I send them to another country in English it will send fine, but when I use the Arabic keyboard and SMS app it won’t get to them. Can you help me? If you could email me back, I would appreciate your help.


  5. CTown said,

    Thanks a lot for the Arabic Soft Keyboard. By the way, I use it on my G1 (I have Android 2.1) in combination with the arabicandroid project I found at: . Just flash it and it gives you Arabic support everywhere!

  6. Dilsher said,

    does it work with Android 2.1 + I’m new in this field & don’t know how to get this downloaded

    thanks in Advance

  7. savine said,


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